Shopping Trip Continued

Aurora and I have been complaining that we only see trips posted with huge savings, but no actual groceries. We have those stock up trips, too, but they aren’t realistic. So, here is my shopping trip this week

Here is my trip to sunflower…

Deli Chicken Breast 3.94, Green grapes 1.87, 3 Hass avocados 1.00, Nectarines 1.39, Organic Red leaf lettuce 1.50 and 2 Yellow onions 0.63 for a total of 10.54 w/ tax 🙂



Here is Safeway:

2 4pk Enfagrow, 20 ct Frito lay pack, 32 oz Cheese, 2 Yosicle and 2 dozen eggs…. This came to 14.47 oop(out of pocket) … 64% savings. Now I just have to hide the chips from my kids so they are still there for their Dad’s lunches lol



This is from Winco… There were a few things I forgot to put in the picture. I picked up 2 20 pks of coke, 1 birds eye voila, 1 package spaghetti noodles, 5#’s of potatoes, 3 cans tuna, 3 cans chicken, 24 pk kraft singles, 4# sugar, butter, 2 pk’s turkey franks, tortillas. All for 27.71