Shopping Trip to Frys

I’ve been promising my friends that I would actually post up the pictures I take of the awesome grocery trips I’ve been having..

This is from Fry’s last night.. This cost $244.40, but only $100.26 after sales & coupons for a savings of 60% — Not to bad although, I did realize when I got home that if I would have gotten one more water I would have saved 5 more dollars (frys mega wyb 10)…

It is hard to see everything because there is so much on the table..


There are 22 arrowhead 3ltrs, 1 bag salad mix, 1 loaf sara lee bread, 1 lb strawberries, 1 kraft salad kit, 2 gerber organic pouches, 2 10oz A1, 2 daisy cottage cheese, 2 big bags of 3 musketeers, 1 kroger pb, 2 jif togo pb’s, 1 welch’s juice, 2 sunny d, 3 naked coconut waters, 3 monster energy drinks, 2 pictsweet deluxe sides, 1 capri sun super v, 1 6pk 16 oz coke, 2 goldfish crackers, 1 jar applesauce, 1 jello pudding cups…


1 16 roll angelsoft, 3 cans pringles, kroger sleep aid, trash bags, 3 toothpaste, 3 brown n serve sausage, 2 boxes kroger waffles, 2 gortons fish, 2 red baron pizzas, 1 gal milk, 2 quaker cereals, 1 meow mix pate topper


1 package pullups, 3 huggies wipes, 2 wholly guacamole packs, 2 lbs chicken tenderloins, 2 softsoap refills, 2 wisk laundry detergent and my giant receipt 😛 … Not pictured, but included in total was a ream of printer paper.

Part 2 of this weeks shopping trip 


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